“By embracing young adults on college campuses and in communities around the globe, Hillel is engaging the next generation of Jewish leaders: It is at the cutting edge of the Jewish future.”

– Edgar M. Bronfman, z''l

A diverse cohort of leaders driven to fulfill Hillel’s bold mission make up Hillel’s International Board of Directors. Working collaboratively with each other and the professional staff of the Schusterman International Center, the Board members advance the organization with their creativity and passion. They are engaged in strategic thinking to hone Hillel’s direction, and generate financial support through their diverse and influential networks. They are decision-makers, champions and deeply invested donors.

The Board is composed of a diverse set of Hillel stakeholders, including an outstanding group of professionals at local Hillels and exceptional student leaders that bring a strong local voice.

Board of Directors

Sidney Pertnoy, Chair, Miami, FL
Bruce Sholk, Chair, Executive Committee, Baltimore, MD
Lee Dranikoff, Vice-Chair, Short Hills, NJ 
Deborah Kallick, Vice-Chair, Los Angeles, CA
Tina Price, Vice-Chair, Scarsdale, NY
David Yaffe, Treasurer/Secretary, Washington, DC

Past Chairs
Thomas A. Blumberg, New York, NY
Beatrice S. Mandel, Los Angeles, CA
Randall R. Kaplan, Greensboro, NC
Neil M. Moss, Columbus, OH
Chuck Newman, Ann Arbor, MI
Edgar M. Bronfman, z”l
Julian Sandler, z”l
Michael B. Rukin, z”l
David L. Bittker, z”l

Liza Naomi Abrams, University of Nevada, Reno
Lawrence S. Bacow, Brookline, MA
Richard Biller, Deerfield, IL
Amy Born, Washington, DC
Daniel A. Burack, Harrison, NY
David Cohen, New York, NY
Sandy Colen, Orinda, CA
Dirk Donath, New York, NY
Edith Everett, New York, NY
Eric D. Fingerhut, Washington, DC
Jeffrey S. Friedstein, Highland Park, IL
David Gedzelman, New York, NY
Zachary Goldberg, Syracuse University
Walter Harrison, West Hartford, CT
Andrew S. Hochberg, Chicago, IL
Hank Katzen, Orlando, FL
Shelly Kivell, New York, NY
Fran Krasnow, Chicago, IL
Mark Lainer, Encino, CA
Jay Lewis, Lawrence, KS
Larry Moses, New Albany, OH
Adam Naftalin-Kelman, Berkeley, CA
Hal Ossman, Cornell University
Chaim Pizem, New York, NY
Estee Portnoy, Bethesda, MD
Jonathan Rahmani, Texas A&M University
Dana Raucher, New York, NY
David Rittberg, Washington, DC
Russ Robinson, Houston, TX
Barbara Sherr Roswell, Baltimore, MD
Noreen Sablotsky, Coral Gables, FL
Yoav Schaefer, Harvard University
Morton Owen Schapiro, Evanston, IL
Tilly Shames, Ann Arbor, MI
Gary Shamis, Cleveland, OH
James H. Shane, Boston, MA
Mark Sisisky, Manakin Sabot, VA
Michele Michaelis Slifka, New York, NY
Jill W. Smith, New York, NY
Carol S. Smokler, Boca Raton, FL
Richard Stein, Chicago, IL
Emily Steinberg, University of Michigan
Ralph S. Taber, Lancaster, PA
Sharon Margolin Ungerleider, Springfield, OR
Michael Uram, Philadelphia, PA
Skip Vichness, New York, NY
Juliana M. Wishne, Ohio State University
Judy Yudof, Orinda, CA

Hillel’s International Board of Governors offers counsel to the Board of Directors and provides substantial financial support to Hillels nationally and internationally.

Randall R. Kaplan, Chair, Greensboro, NC
Edgar M. Bronfman, z''l, Founding Chair, New York, NY
Lynn Schusterman, Founding Co-Chair, Tulsa, OK
Michael Steinhardt, Founding Co-Chair, New York, NY
Carlos Abadi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
S. Daniel Abraham, Palm Beach, FL
Harvey Beker, New York, NY
Robert M. Beren, Palm Beach, FL
Mandell L. Berman, Southfield, MI
Alexander Blavatnik, Aventura, FL
Thomas A. Blumberg, New York, NY
Ori Brafman, San Francisco, CA
Daniel Brody, Greenwood, VA
Adam Bronfman, Paradise Valley, AZ
Charles R. Bronfman, New York, NY
Daniel A. Burack, Harrison, NY
Paul Burg, Los Angeles, CA
Ronaldo Cezar Coelho and Luciana Hall, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Abby Joseph Cohen and David M. Cohen, New York, NY
Sandy Colen, Orinda, CA
Susan S. and Jon P. Diamond, Bal Harbor, FL
David Einhorn, New York, NY
Eduardo S. Elsztain, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Abel Friedman, Chicago, IL
Michael Gamson, Houston, TX
Michael C. Gelman, Washington, DC
David Gemunder, Tampa FL
Jane H. Goldman, New York, NY
David S. Gottesman, New York, NY
Suzanne and Stuart M. Grant, Wilmington, DE
Deborah B. and Ivan Kallick, Los Angeles, CA
Joseph Kanfer, Akron, OH
Tobee Kaplan, Greensboro, NC
Terry Kassel, New York, NY
Ellie Meyerhoff Katz, z”l, Fort Lauderdale, FL
Robert Kogod, Washington, DC
Reuben Leibowitz, New York, NY
Gustave K. Lipman, New York, NY
Howard Lorber, New York, NY
Daniel S. Och, New York, NY
Sidney Pertnoy, Miami, FL
Tina Price, Scarsdale, NY
Diane Rosenberg, Roanoke, VA
Keith Rosenbloom, New York, NY
Devin Schain, Bethesda, MD
Stacy H. Schusterman, Tulsa, OK
Cindy and David Shapira, Pittsburgh, PA
Mark R. Shenkman, Greenwich, CT
Bruce Sholk, Baltimore, MD
Michele Michaelis Slifka and David Slifka, New York, NY
Carol S. Smokler, Boca Raton, FL
Anthony Spiegel, Las Vegas, NV
Helene Spiegel, Beverly Hills, CA
David A. Tepper, Short Hills, NJ
Allan Weinbaum, Toronto, Ontario
Leslie H. Wexner, New Albany, OH
Jane and Mark Wilf, Short Hills, NJ