Annual Report

Hillel International 2014: Towards Excellence

Our annual report provides a snapshot of what Hillel has accomplished in North America and around the world. In 2014, Hillel celebrated its 90th anniversary of serving Jewish college students, and saw the introduction of “The Drive to Excellence,” our new strategic implementation plan, that poses one core question: How can we become truly excellent across our entire global Hillel movement?

We believe that the Jewish community deserves nothing less than excellence. Our college students and young adults deserve nothing less. We have a responsibility to ensure excellence for this generation of students, our children and grandchildren, and our future leaders. We must ensure that they have every opportunity to develop a strong Jewish identity and to experience a rich, vibrant Jewish life. Read on to see how Hillel is working to build the future of the Jewish people.

2014 Annual Report (PDF File 5Mb)

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