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Latest News

Grandma in the living room

Jun 22, 2017

Russian speaking Hillel Israel students sat for portraits recreating photographs of their grandmothers at their age.

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Welcome Seth Reder

Jun 19, 2017

Though he grew up in the, “very boring, but also beautiful” Boring, OR, Seth Reder’s life has been nothing of the sort.

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Two-Line Torah: Korach 5777--(Don’t) Follow the leader

Jun 18, 2017

While Korach, Dathan, Abriam, and On were the main culprits, the 250 others were just as guilty.

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Fostering Dialogue and Fighting Stigma

Jun 14, 2017

Since the launch of the inaugural Hillel International Ruderman Inclusion Ambassador program in August 2016, eight students on local Hillel campuses have made it their mission this past school year to make sure no Jewish student is left out.

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