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University of North Florida

c/o Florida Hillel Council 1100 Stanford Drive
Coral Gables , FL 33146 USA
(904) 620-5362
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Hillel Student Organization
  • 13817 Undergrads

  • 1858 Graduates

  • 0* (2%)Jewish Undergrads(Percent of Population)

  • 0* (3%)Jewish Graduates(Percent of Population)


Campus Information

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Tuition (in-state)
Tuition (out-of-state)
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Acceptance Rate%
Out-of-State/Int'l %/%
Greek School
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Jewish Life

Birthright Participation Taglit-Birthright Israel offers a free trip to Israel for students who have never been to Israel on a peer-based trip.
(average # of students)

Alt Break Participation Alternative Breaks are organized, short-term service projects, often involving travel. Student participants are challenged to understand difficult social issues and to explore questions of Judaism and social responsibility while giving of themselves and their time.
# Jewish Studies Courses
Jewish Studies Major or Minor
Study Abroad in Israel
Rabbi/Jewish Educator on Campus
Engagement Internship
Israel Fellow

Hillel Information

Hillel Student Organization

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Kosher Meals

Religious Services


  • Community service/social action
  • College Democrats of America (CDA)
  • Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender
  • College Republican National Committee (CRNC)
  • Chabad-Lubavitch
  • Graduate Students
  • Jewish Holidays

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