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Travel Information

Conference Location:
Washington University in St. Louis
Summer Programs and conference Services
Umrath House (South 40 Campus)
6618 Shepley Dr.
Suite 1950
St. Louis, MO 63105

South 40 Campus Map (PDF File)

[Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher.]

American Airlines Discount Code: 5673ER
We have negotiated a 5% discount on American Airlines.
To access this discount, go to https://www.aa.com/reservation/ to book your flight. Enter your flight search parameters, and where it says "promotion code" enter: A5673ER (please note that with the promotion code, you cannot put a reservation on hold, you must book it right away).

The closest airport to Washington University in St. Louis is the Lambert-St. Louis International Airport (STL).

St. Louis airport is a destination hub for flights on Southwest Airlines and American Airlines.  For the best fares to St. Louis, visit www.southwestairlines.com, www.americanairlines.com, or other travel search sites.

Please note that Southwest Airlines currently does not charge any checked luggage fees.

Taxi fare is $25-$30 each way.

Lambert-St. Louis International Airport works with the Metropolitan Taxicab Commission.

Passenger Pickup:
Terminal 1: Exit Door 14 to Terminal: 1 Garage Yellow Level
Terminal 2: Exit Door 12

Lambert Airport Taxi: (314) 740-8909

Other companies you can call:
St. Louis County and Yellow Cab Company: (314) 991-5300 or (314) 993-8294
Laclede Cab Company: (314) 652-3456
ABC Cab Company: (636) 296-3700 or (314) 725-2111

Shuttle Service:
GO BEST Express Airport Shuttle. The cost for the shared van service is $21 per person one-way.

To contact GO BEST, dial 1-877-STL-GOVAN (1-877-785-4682) or visit their Web site at www.gobestexpress.com.

Where to get dropped off:
If you are arriving between 10am - 6pm, have your taxi/shuttle take you to the South 40 entrance off Wallace Drive (pull up to the Wallace Garage. You can walk up to South 40 Dining for registration.

If you are arriving 8am-10 am or 6pm - midnight, have your taxi/shuttle take you to 6618 Shepley Drive, suite 1950 and go to Summer Programs office (next to Bear Necessities) to get your room key.

If you are arriving midnight - 8 am, have your taxi/shuttle take you to 6618 Shepley Drive, Suite 1950 (Summer Programs Office) and call WUPD at 314-935-5555 to have an on-call staff person meet you to get your room key.

MetroLink and Campus Shuttle:
Metrolink map (PDF File)

[Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher.]

Buying/using a MetroLink Pass:
Ticket Vending Machines (TVMs) conveniently located at each MetroLink station (image to the right). As a reminder, some TVMs do not handle bills larger than $10.

Current Transfers, Passes, or Tickets are required to board MetroLink. The current fare price is $2.25. To validate your Pass or Ticket, use a Red Validating Machine (typically a small red post) located at the MetroLink platform. Simply insert your Pass or Ticket into the slot at the top of the red post. There will be Fare Inspectors who will randomly check for a valid card, if you do not have a valid Transfer, Pass, or Ticket, you will be issued a citation.

MetroLink from Airport:
Buy Metro Two-Hour Pass from Lambert Airport w/ transfer.

Follow the signs in the airport terminal towards the MetroLink. Board the train heading eastbound with "Shiloh-Scott" on the destination display. Take this train to the Forest Park-DeBaliviere Station and re-board. Walk to the other side of the platform and wait for a westbound train with "Shrewsbury/I-44" on the destination display. Take this train for one stop and exit at Skinker Station.

From the St. Louis Gateway Amtrak Station:
Buy MetroLink One-Ride Ticket.

Walk up S 16th Street towards Spruce Street once you exit from the Amtrak station, this should be the only main road leaving the station's parking lot and passenger pick up. Make a right on Spruce Street and follow Spruce until you reach the Civic Center MetroLink Station. Wait for a westbound train with "Shrewsbury/I-44" on the destination display. Take this train for one stop and exit at Skinker Station.

For additional information on Metrolink, please visit their Web site. Please make sure that if you do not use the Google Transit to plan your trip. As long as you follow the directions above, you will get to Washington University. MetroLink trains run 20 minutes appart at most.

Free Campus Circulator from Skinker MetroLink Station to the South 40 (conference registration area off of Shepley Drive)
Washington University has a free shuttle that runs every 20 minutes -picking up on the 6's from Skinker Station (e.g. 12:06; 12:26; 12:46; 1:06). The Campus Circulator is currently running under the "Break" schedule. Monday - Friday it runs from 7:40 am - 10:00 pm. On weekends it runs from 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM.

Campus Circulator Schedule (PDF File)

Upon exiting Skinker station, walk to the shuttle stop, located at Skinker Blvd and Brookings Drive. Please look for the summer programs & conferences logo (image to the right) on signage at Skinker MetroLink Station and throughout Washington University Campus guiding you to Hillel Institute.

The shuttle bus will be labeled "Campus Circulator" on the digital display on the front of the bus. It should take about 15 minutes to get to the Clock Tower Stop in the South 40, near where registration will be held.

Map of the campus Circulator (route marked in purple on the map) (PDF File)
Map of the South 40 (PDF File)

[Require Adobe Acrobat Reader version 4.0 or higher.]

Parking is available at $4 per day. Please indicate that you will need parking and for how many days during your registration process.  Parking fees will be added to your registration invoice. When you arrive on campus, park in Wallace Garage and go to the registration area to get your parking pass. Once you receive the pass, you must go back to your car to display it.

Map of the South 40 (Wallace Garage marked in yellow)(PDF File)

For questions or assistance, please contact institute@hillel.org.