Global Assembly Schedule

Hillel International Global Assembly.

After working with a group of field professionals to gather ideas for making Global Assembly best meet the needs of Hillel field professionals, we have made several changes to this year’s schedule. Here are highlights:

  • Big opening night with a high caliber award presentation and entertainment
  • Two high-quality, all-participant inspirational plenary sessions - fewer than previous years.
  • Three in-depth elective courses
    • COHORT GATHERINGS: Opportunities for networking and idea exchange with people in similar roles across the field. You’ll be assigned based on the position selected during registration and led by a group of SIC and field peers.
    • PROGRAM & MANAGEMENT TRAINING: 5 hours over 3 days - Professional development workshops and trainings to help you do better work in your day-to-day. Each participant will elect one course.
    • JEWISH LEARNING: Diverse set of courses on Jewish education to enrich you at your level and according to your interests. Each participant will elect one course.
  • Opportunity to submit proposals to lead elective courses during the programmatic or Jewish learning slots. Submissions can come from any Hillel professional. External parties are welcome to submit but only in partnership with a Hillel field professional. (See below for more information about submitting workshop proposals.)
  • More breaks and free time so you can connect with colleagues and take it all in.
  • New approach for partners offering them 3 specific opportunities:
    • Tables in the open hallway so people can visit throughout the conference
    • Sponsorship of Wednesday night receptions to speak, distribute content, create a fun experience for us, and simultaneously demonstrate how they can help you in your work!
    • Workshops designed specifically for partners and campus organizations to enhance their ability to work effectively with Hillel.

To get a better sense of the complete schedule, please see this DRAFT Global Assembly wireframe.