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Cornell Hillel's Greeks vs. Maccabees Chanukah Paintball Event

Ithaca, NY | 2012

Chanukah 2012 marked the second annual Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball event.

At Cornell Hillel, this Chanukah marked the second annual Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball event, organized by the Jewish Outdoor Group (J.O.G.). They recreated a famous Chanukah battle, ate doughnuts and had a great time.
Cornell student Lawrence K., class of 2013, shares, “Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball was one of the best events that I have attended in my four years at Cornell. It provided an educational opportunity for Jews and non-Jews to engage in a fun activity, paintball, that few of us have participated in on a regular basis. I was able to explain to my non-Jewish friends the story behind Chanukah and even taught my Jewish friends a couple things that they didn't know. Everybody that I talked to fully enjoyed themselves and many inquired what other activities would be organized in the future."

Cornell Hillel Paintball Event.

Photo courtesy of Cornell Hillel: Students and staff pose in their Greeks vs. Maccabees paintball gear.

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