Two-Line Torah

Two-Line Torah, a weekly email to all Hillel professionals and others who sign up, offers a thought based on that week's Torah reading to share with students, colleagues, and friends in a variety of contexts, including during a coffee date, at a Shabbat meal or service, or at the opening of a meeting. We hope that this will enable everyone in the Hillel community to engage in the timeless ideas that have inspired and guided the Jewish people throughout the centuries. Each week's message is short (100-150 words), written by a Hillel professional and/or student, and addresses the college experience.

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Two-Line Torah: Acharei Mot-Kedoshim: Good Riddance

Apr 22, 2018

A wise group of sages once said, “Another turning point, a fork stuck in the road...

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Two Line Torah Tazria-Metzora - The Power of Acknowledgement

Apr 15, 2018

It's pretty easy to get grossed out reading the double portion of Tazria-Metzora

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Two Line Torah Tzav 5778 - Most Holy

Mar 18, 2018

In Tzav we encounter further description of the korbanot (sacrifices/offerings) Aaron and the priests are to perform in the newly-completed mishkan (tabernacle).

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