Hillels Around the World

Hillels Around the World.

Hillels operate in 20 time zones, 11 languages, and 4 continents.

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Hillels serve
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in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Uruguay.

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Hillel’s expansive global infrastructure ensures that, each year, we reach hundreds of thousands of Jewish students. From Texas to Tel Aviv, Toronto to Tbilisi, Hillel is the address for Jewish student life.  There are more than 30 Hillels outside of the United States, in Argentina, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, France, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Israel, Moldova, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Uruguay. Around the world, Hillel customizes its work to the unique elements of Jewish students, communities, and universities.

Hillel in Israel 

More Jewish students live in Israel than in any other country in the world. Yet, while young Israelis speak Hebrew and follow the Jewish calendar, many perceive Jewish tradition as irrelevant to their lives. Hillel Israel offers a diverse array of activities that connect Israelis to a different kind of Judaism, and has tripled its reach in the past decade. 

Hillel Israel’s experience proves that the best way to involve Israeli young adults is to create thought-provoking opportunities that they can share with other young Jews from around the world.

With six centers across the country, Hillel Israel serves more than 2,700 students anually.

Hillel in Russia

Launched in 1994, Hillel Russia operates eight regional Hillels and supports many small Jewish student groups across the country. Hillel Russia students participate in Jewish learning and celebration, arts and culture, community programs, and more. 

Hillel in CASE (Central Asia Southeastern Europe)

In the Former Soviet Union, Hillel embraces Jewish students from a diversity of backgrounds, including those who have had little or no Jewish involvement or education. Many are grateful for the opportunity to explore and discover their Jewish roots for the first time. Hillel CASE is approaching its 25th anniversary in the region, and currently serves 10 cities across the FSU.

Hillel brings hundreds of these students to Israel for the first time via Birthright Israel trips, and facilitates their ongoing Jewish growth and involvement when they return, via compelling Jewish retreats, seminars, and community-building experiences. Since 2009, Hillels in the Former Soviet Union have sent more than 6,000 participants on Birthright Israel trips.

Hillel in South America

The first South American Hillel opened in 2001. Today, Hillel has expanded and includes several Hillels across Argentina as well as centers in Brazil and Uruguay. Through Hillel, Latin American Jewish students focus on social action projects, Israel advocacy, global exchange, entrepreneurship, business clubs, and arts and culture. South American Hillels leverage the strength of local youth movements, which are stellar at engaging and grooming teens as emerging leaders.

Hillel in Germany

Hillel Deutschland is a pluralistic Jewish organization, where young Jews meet to celebrate, learn, and connect with each other. Base Berlin is the current flagship program of Hillel in Germany and works with numerous Jewish student organizations and community partners to provide strong Jewish content for young people in Berlin and beyond.

Hillel in Poland

Many young Polish adults are just discovering their Jewish roots. Each day, an increasing number of young Jewish adults learn about their heritage and begin to look for opportunities to explore and create their Jewish communities. Even with this ever-increasing number proactively creating Jewish life in Poland, there are still many - totally unknown to the Jewish community.

Hillel Poland is responding to this need of building and strengthening a non-existent Jewish identity among this population.

Hillel Poland was established in 2016 with its first center in Warsaw and in 2017 expanded to Krakow.

Hillel in France

For many years, French Judaism has not taken a particular interest in students and in the imperative need to bring them closer to the community so that they may discover the treasures of Jewish culture. The initiative to create HILEL CAMPUS, which is still less than 5 years old, is centered on the goal to create the future of community leadership in the upcoming years as well as provide a welcoming, pluralistic space for young French Jews to gather. 

Hillel in Hungary

Small and mighty, Hillel Hungary is a volunteer-run organization. Working in deep partnership with the local Jewish community, Hillel Hungary, established in 2016, provides community, learning opportunities, holidays, and social events in Budapest.