Hillel's Commitment to Safety, Respect and Equity

Hillel has an obligation to ensure that our programs and spaces are welcoming, safe, respectful and equitable. This is consistent with our Jewish values and is our obligation to our students and professionals. Over the years, Hillel has supported survivors of assault and harassment on campus and in our communities and has taken action to stop rape culture on campus. And we, as a movement, have more work to do.

In 2018, Hillel joined the Safety Respect Equity Coalition, a coalition of organizations, funders, individuals and experts across the Jewish non-profit sector serving as a catalyst and resource for cultural change. As part of the leadership of this group, we’ve committed to implementing comprehensive standards in sexual harassment prevention and response.  

We are developing resources so that every local Hillel can lead on these important issues and we can provide additional support for our community at large and those working in this space. All of the most current resources are available on this site: 

You can expect updates as we develop new content. To request information, offer recommendations on content, or get support around cases of harassment or assault, please contact Amy Martasin.