Policies and Procedures

Hillel International has developed and compiled policies, procedures, and resource documents related to our commitment to creating safe, respectful, and equitable workplaces and communities.

Hillel Personnel Code: Part II of the Hillel Personnel code, updated in 2015, provides the current policy that stands against harassment of any kind.  

Additional Samples:
These additional policies are available as resources for Hillels who are interested in expanding on the policy as written in the 2015 Personnel Code. Hillels may choose to adopt these or create their own in partnership with their University, Federation or Board.

New York Specifics:
In the wake of the #MeToo movement, both New York State and New York City have passed laws aimed at combatting sexual harassment. For Hillels and community organizations based in the New York area, more information on laws and requirements can be found on the New York Laws and Requirements page