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I go to a university in Pennsylvania that’s mostly Catholic and white. I’m neither.

Villanova, Pennsylvania | 2018

“I’m adopted and I’m Chinese. However, no part of me is really attached to that culture. But being Jewish has always been a part of my identity. It’s how I feel most connected to my family of three — my mom, sister and me. I grew up in a predominantly Jewish area, so it’s just always felt right. I chose to become a leader at Hillel to make sure I didn’t forget that part of my identity, continued to spread my Judaism positively and meet new people. I go to a university that’s mostly Catholic and white. I’m neither. I wanted to make sure I had a place where I felt comfortable to be myself. And Hillel gave me a way to do that. I know that I always have Hillel. It’s a place where I share a common bond with others.” — Emma Wasserman, Villanova University