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  • Two Line Torah Tzav 5778 - Most Holy

    Mar 18, 2018, 22:30 PM by Dave Cohn
    Two-Line Torah Logo, a torah scroll
    In Tzav we encounter further description of the korbanot (sacrifices/offerings) Aaron and the priests are to perform in the newly-completed mishkan (tabernacle).
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  • Grab your tools, it's spring break

    Local Hillels rebuild communities on Alternative Spring Breaks
    Mar 16, 2018, 09:39 AM by Shana Medel
    Hillel students traded in relaxing days on the beach to help communities in need this spring break. More than 30 Hillels in the U.S. organized Alternative Spring Breaks, volunteering in nearby states and countries around the world. Check out how some of our students spent their week.
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  • 2017 Top 60 Schools by Jewish Population

    Mar 15, 2018, 14:57 PM by Hillel News
    Cover of Hillel College Guide Magazine
    Below are the lists of the 2017 top schools Jews choose, as published in the Hillel College Guide Magazine. You’ll find the lists of the Top 60 Public Universities by Jewish Population, Top 60 Private Universities by Jewish Population and the Top 60 Schools Jews Choose – a breakdown by percentage.
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  • Two-Line Torah Vayikra 5778

    Mar 12, 2018, 22:30 PM by Danielle Kranjec
    Two-Line Torah Logo, a torah scroll
    This week’s parsha is the opening of the book of Vayikra (Leviticus), the third book of the Torah.
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  • Social media connects SF Hillel students to Shabbat

    Mar 9, 2018, 13:13 PM by Shana Medel
    Honoring age-old traditions while using trendy social media platforms has become an effective engagement tool at San Francisco Hillel.
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  • ‘And we go from there’

    George Washington University event examines the history and future of Black-Jewish relations
    Mar 7, 2018, 12:20 PM by Hillel News
    A woman with an Afro sits at a table and speaks into a microphone while a man to her right wearing a suit and glasses looks at her, listening.
    Honoring that past tradition and how to keep the relationship going between blacks and Jews was the theme of “From Selma to Charlottesville: a panel on the legacy of black-Jewish relations in America,” held in GW’s Marvin Center as Black History month drew to a close.
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  • Students choose to lead for Israel

    Members of the Hillel movement gather for the AIPAC Policy Conference
    Mar 6, 2018, 11:24 AM by Shana Medel
    The AIPAC Policy Conference drew approximately 18,000 Israel advocates, including 110 Hillel professionals and more than 3,600 students, to Washington, D.C. this week.
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  • Two Line Torah Vayakhel-Pekudei 5778 - Ever-Building the Mishkan

    Mar 4, 2018, 22:30 PM by Rabbi Alex Weissman
    Two-Line Torah Logo, a torah scroll
    In this week’s double portion, we conclude the book of Exodus
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  • Hillels provide support after Florida high school shooting

    Feb 28, 2018, 12:09 PM by Shana Medel
    Serena Deutch spent Valentine’s Day making frantic phone calls to loved ones after a gunman bore down on Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.
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  • Two Line Torah Ki Tisa 5778 – False Gods

    Feb 26, 2018, 22:30 PM by Michael Walden
    Two-Line Torah Logo, a torah scroll
    Come, let us make Elohim that shall go before us...
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  • Two Line Torah Parashat Tetzaveh 5778 - For Dignity and Adornment

    Feb 26, 2018, 11:57 AM by Lauren Fine
    Two-Line Torah Logo, a torah scroll
    In Parashat Tetzaveh, God commands Moses to appoint Aaron and his sons as priests.
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  • Hillel Talks

    Feb 26, 2018, 09:56 AM by Hillel News
    In December, Hillel International hosted its fourth-annual Global Assembly in Colorado. During the weeklong conference, Hillel International organized its first ever Hillel Talks, a series featuring five campus professionals who shared their stories, insights and ideas to inspire their peers.
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  • Happiness Campaign encourages well-being through a Jewish lens

    Feb 22, 2018, 16:36 PM by Hillel News
    The Happiness Campaign is based on the Jewish concept of middot, or character traits, and Vanessa King’s “Ten Keys to Happier Living,” a guidebook to creating a healthy and meaningful life.
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  • Hillel International Expands Flagship Fellowship to Foster Next Generation of Jewish Leaders

    Third cohort of Springboard Fellowship will expand early career opportunities and increase innovative Jewish engagement on campus
    Feb 21, 2018, 14:52 PM by Hillel News
    Creating more opportunities for early career professionals, Hillel International will expand its flagship Springboard Fellowship for recent graduates next fall through $1.5 million in new investments.
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  • It’s worth the schlep

    Hillels transform to accommodate for commuter students
    Feb 20, 2018, 12:42 PM by Shana Medel
    A bleary-eyed Tova Frank boards a bus, walks to Grand Central Terminal and catches a subway train bound for Manhattan before most college students get out of bed.
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  • You're not alone

    How Shabbat encouraged me to help students better their mental health
    Feb 14, 2018, 13:19 PM by Maddie Feldman
    From the brutally competitive nature of today’s college admissions process to the debilitating influence of social media, the pressure students feel to appear “perfect” is now greater than ever.
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  • Cooking with Brian

    How a cooking series helped bring more students to Hillel
    Feb 12, 2018, 14:56 PM by Brian Joshua Friedman
    Coming into my freshman year at Western University, I saw this blank canvas in front of me. I was eager to get involved, but I didn’t know how to start.
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  • How I spent my three-day weekend: in the fire zone

    Feb 12, 2018, 10:50 AM by Ocean Noah
    Shortly after the fires, San Francisco Hillel planned and organized a service trip with several other Bay Area Hillels to perform relief work.
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  • Meet Merav Fine Braun

    Feb 6, 2018, 16:00 PM by Shana Medel
    For the past six years, a letter written by former student engagement interns at Maryland Hillel has made its way to the various places Merav Fine Braun has worked.
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  • Two Line Torah Parashat Mishpatim 5778 - - Embracing Contradiction

    Feb 4, 2018, 22:30 PM by Rabbi Jordan Gerson
    Two-Line Torah Logo, a torah scroll
    The term Fake News is so prevalent it has been dubbed the Word of the Year.
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