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A warm island welcome

by Hillel News |Oct 24, 2018|Comments

A Warm Island Welcome from Hillel International on Vimeo.

"I'm from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has been extremely accepting of the Jewish people, and I've always felt like I had a home there and people were very welcoming and very accepting of who I was. When I decided to come to college I came to Elon University and, as well, it was extremely welcoming and there was a huge diversity of people that I had never experienced coming from a very small island. I love talking to people, meeting people - especially people in Hillel, of different Jewish backgrounds - and I've honestly really utilized Hillel's resources this summer when I worked at the Office of Sustainability here. So I came here everyday to grab a coffee and have lunch with a friend, and it's honestly been feeling so much like home. I got to meet the staff and it was always a great time to have a conversation here, and they really really made me feel like I had a place and that I actually belong here at Elon University." - Hannah Greenfader, Elon University, '19

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