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Moving Onward: George Washington University

by Hillel News |Aug 19, 2015|Comments

Onward Israel, a follow-up experience to Birthright Israel and other peer-trips to Israel, provides students with an immersive, transformative experience in Israel to both deepen their connection to Israel and to enrich the continued development of their Jewish identity. Onward places students in tailor-made internships based on their personal and professional interests. The 8-10 week internship is complemented with a robust schedule of weekly educational activities that include professional development sessions, day trips throughout the country, and various lectures about the nuanced and multi-dimensional aspects of Israel. Learn more about Onward Israel at onwardisrael.com.

The Hillel International Internship program of Onward Israel is based in Jerusalem for the summer and includes thirty-eight students from Hillels across North America. In this series we highlight the experiences and personal reflections of student participants from the Hillels at the University of Central Florida, Ohio State University, George Washington University, and Penn State University.

Onward Israel is a program made possible through the support of leading philanthropists and is implemented by the Jewish Agency for Israel.

Alex Bierman

Alex_Bierman_small.Alex Bierman is interning at the Citizens’ Accord Forum between Jews and Arabs in Israel (CAF). It is their mission to build a shared society in a sustainable democracy that encompasses all citizens of the State of Israel by working to mend rifts between groups in conflict. In his time at CAF so far he has: compiled a list of all the embassies in Israel, and analyzed each country’s history of foreign relation with Israel to discern whether or not they would be willing to supply funding; researched how to increase CAF’s social media presence and clout; compiled a list of suggestions for the betterment of the website; and is now currently researching various topics such as human rights, democracy, citizenship, and individualism vs. collectivism to provide more scholarly sources for a theoretical discussion taking place in November called the International Round Table.

Jessica Meyer

Jessica_Meyer.Voiceitt - a new start-up focusing on developing unique technology for people with speech disabilities. Jessica has been helping with some market research and business development on a very important presentation taking place this week with Voiceitt's Czech partners and the Chief Scientists who will hopefully provide the team with more money for future development. Additionally, she has been writing some grants and researching on text-to-speech engines that Voiceitt could use for one of their new applications.

Scotty Dolgov

Scotty_Dolgov.My name is Scotty Dolgov. I'm an upcoming sophomore at George Washington University and I am originally from the Boston area. Currently I am interning at an organization called Alternative Action, which brings Jews and Arabs together to talk and create relationships. I am currently in the process of making a documentary about how to change the conversation about Israel in America and college campuses. This will allow me to interview all different kinds of people and get many opinions on the politics of Israel that we don't here about in America. So far I have learned so much and I hope to have a life changing six weeks!

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