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College Guide FAQ

  • What is Hillel’s College Guide?

  • Why does Hillel produce the College Guide?

  • Where does Hillel get its information for the College Guide?

  • Does the College Guide list every college and university?

  • What is the best way to learn about Jewish life on campus?

  • Is there a cost to use the College Guide?

  • What is the "Top 60?"

  • I’m interested in attending a college or university, but their record says “no Hillel serves this school.” How do I start a Hillel on this campus?

  • How much does Jewish population determine the quality of Jewish life on a campus?

  • What should I be looking for in a Hillel?

  • Should I contact a Hillel representative from a specific college?

  • Is a bigger Hillel always better?

  • Why do some records say that no Hillel serves this school?

  • Does Hillel only run religious programs?

  • Are there kosher dining options on every campus?

  • Do all the colleges and universities listed have a Hillel?