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Top Jewish Schools

Rutgers University.
Hillel's College Guide helps you discover the best colleges and universities for Jewish students. No other guide is more comprehensive or detailed. The College Guide provides valuable insight into a variety of aspects to Jewish life on campus, including Jewish population, percentage Jewish, Taglit-Birthright Israel participation, religious services, student internships, scholarships, Kosher dining, greek life, students activities, organizations and events. Connect with the local Hillel to find out more.

Top 60 Jewish Colleges by Population

The "Top 60" refers to the lists of colleges and universities with the largest Jewish undergraduate populations as published in the Hillel College Guide magazine. The lists are based on estimated population statistics reported by local Hillels. The lists includes the top 60 public schools, the top 60 private schools, and the top 60 schools based on percentage of Jewish students.

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Presence of a Hillel

Not all of the schools included in the College Guide are served by a Hillel. View the colleges and universities served by a Hillel. (see disclaimer


Kosher Dining

View the colleges and universities that provide kosher dining. Kosher dining on campus varies greatly from school to school. (see disclaimer



These lists are not subjective rankings but selections of colleges and universities based on statistical information reported by each local Hillel. To find out more details about the quality of Jewish life and activities please contact the local Hillel directly. (see disclaimer) View entire college list.