On Chanukah, we light a menorah to celebrate the miracle of the Maccabees' victory over their Assyrian oppressors, and to celebrate a single jar of oil lasting for eight nights. Eating latkes (potato pancakes) sufganiyot (doughnuts) and playing dreidel by the Chanukah lights makes these eight nights a Jewish holiday favorite. Hillels around the world celebrate Chanukah with candle lighting ceremonies, parties, and latke-making events. Check out our Chanukah around Hillel Facebook album and the video below to see their celebrations!

Which side are you on?

At the University of Chicago, students get creative with their Chanukah celebrations and hold an annual Latke vs. Hamantash Debate. This debate has been a University of Chicago tradition since 1946 and has spread to numerous other schools across the nation. Distinguished professors debate the big question: Which is better – the latke (a fried potato pancake traditionally prepared for Chanukah) or hamantaschen (triangular, jam-filled cookies eaten during Purim)? Previous debate participants have included Nobel Prize winners and university presidents. Nearly 1,000 students attend every year!

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