Jewish Agency Israel Fellows

Israel Fellows.

65 Jewish Agency Israel Fellows to Hillel serve more than 100 North American campuses, cultivating relationships with 10,000 students.

Hillel’s goal is to inspire every Jewish college student to develop a meaningful and enduring relationship to Israeli culture and society.

That’s why, since 2003, we have partnered with The Jewish Agency for Israel, placing Israel Fellows on campuses throughout North America to engage Jewish college students. 

Israel Fellows.

The most powerful experience for me was traveling on Taglit-Birthright Israel with 40 students. The trip opened my eyes not only to what it means to be Jewish but also what it means to be Israeli. Seeing Israel through their eyes has taught me not to take for granted living in a Jewish state where being Jewish is not different.-Tsuri Schoffman Israel Fellow at USC Hillel

Jewish Agency Israel Fellows are charismatic young professionals who have served in the Israel Defense Forces. In their roles on campus, they share personal experiences of modern Israel through the lens of its socially-progressive values and its accomplishments in technology, life sciences, and the arts.

Working hand-in-hand with Hillel professionals on campus, the Fellows support students and help them to grapple with complex issues that are often emotional and may seem contradictory. Israel Fellows often become the face of Israel for the North American students they work with, offering them a unique and authentic relationship with Israel and Israelis. 

In 2013-2014, 58 Israel Fellows:

  • Established and maintained 8,311 relationships with students
  • Mentored and tracked the Jewish Journeys of 1,110 students
  • Recruited 3,420 students for Taglit-Birthright Israel trips, and sent 782 students to Israel through other programs
  • Initiated 349 new Israel engagement programs
  • Strengthened and established 75 pro-Israel student groups on campus
  • Held large Israel celebrations on 37 campuses, engaging 6,500 students